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Apostle Johnson Suleman || As A Lady, If You Want Your Husband To Respect You, Have Character And Money

Apostle Johnson Suleman: As a lady, if you have money, your husband will respect you. There is no woman that God has blessed, that the husband can look down on. It’s not possible!

As a lady, I want to advise you, and I’m not saying this to spite anybody. If you want your husband to respect you, have character and money. If you have character and you don’t have money, there is a problem. If you have money and you don’t have character, there is problem.

When you have character on your left hand and money on your right hand, no man will look down on you.
Am talking to my daughter’s who are not married and those who are married. That is why, many men when they marry a woman, they want to cage her from working(from doing business), from having her money, because they know when she has her money……

It is only a wicked man that stops a woman from having her money.
Any wise man would want a woman to have her own money.

You say “ah…Apostle you don’t understand, if she has her own money, she will go and do things for her people”.
From whose house? Is it not from your house? Whatever she is doing for her people, as far as the world is concerned, it is you that is doing it. But you are too traditional.
“If my wife now build a house, they will now say”….Who is she to you? She is your wife. How many years do you have to stay in this world? I know some men will not be happy with this kind of message.

That’s why I said, “money and character “. Stop saying money made her proud. No! If she was poor, she will still be proud.
Stop keeping women in bondage… they will keep asking you money for maclean, money for drugs, money for pepper, and you are happy! EMPOWER YOUR WIFE.

I know men who have died today, and their family have taken everything. The wife had nothing, because in her life time, her husband never empowered her.

When you empower her, leave her, let her run it. Don’t empower her and supervise the business on top.
You are the accountant..
You are the treasurer..
You are the one that hire and fire.

My explanation for character in church is the fear of God. When the woman fears God, she will give you your place…
This fear that “she has now become so wealthy, other men will start coming around her”… You see your life?
For man, to be intimidated by other men around his wife, is because he doesn’t know who he is.

When you know your value, let there be one thousand men around your wife, you are not moved because there is something you carry, she can not see anywhere…

So, I will now see somebody sitting with mama(my wife) and I will now be intimidated….whattttt!

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