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Dr Myles Munroe–Why I lived with my mother-in-law when we first got married.

Myles Munroe: My wife and I, I’ll tell you, when we got married, you know what we did, we got married, had no money and we came out of college broke (crowd laughs) and I said to me, I’m gonna be just like God said. I’m gonna be a good man. So my wife’s mother and father said you can stay with us as long as you need, I said thank you and I lived with my mother-in-law and my father-in-law in one bedroom for four (4) years! Why? We wanted to save our money! We had nothing to prove to nobody! We had a vision and we took our money and we bought our own property in a fantastic location where the value keeps going up and we built our own house with our own money as we stayed with the mama-in-law eemhum!

Transcribed by Christiantalks
And now we got our house worth over $1.2 million all paid for, 3 cars all paid for including a jaguar, we got enough property that worth $2million all paid for and you’re still broke!
Why? “I’m too proud to be in my mother-in-law.” No! It’s called discipline.

You know why God sometimes sends crisis, to send you back to the class you missed!
“I gotta go back and live with my mama?”
God said yep, you missed that class, go back I want to show you how to save some money.
Stop competing with people who ain’t worth competing with!

The Jones’s are living on credit (crowd laughs), so forget the Jones’s tonight and follow the plan of God.
Everybody say “management”, (audience scream management).
You got a business? When that money comes in, don’t you spend that money on yourself!
Put it back in the business, grow the business, manage the business, why? Cos if you are disciplined, you will reap later!

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