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Apostle Joshua Selman — If You Must Fulfill Destiny, Follow This Steps And Your Purpose And Assignment Will Be Revealed To You

pathway is your name creating for the next generation to come by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Do you know, when you begin your walk with God, purpose and assignment is not your priority at that point. God does not call men and say “come, go and be this”..No!
When God calls you, He calls you to Himself, He does not call you to an agenda ”follow me”, not “follow it”. When I make you, I can send you.

There are many people who are following “it”, that’s why they do not find Jesus.
As you follow God, you begin to find your place in Him.

Colossians 4 vs 17…
Tell Archippus: “See to it that you complete the work you have received in the Lord.”

Not from the Lord. To receive in the Lord, means you will have to be in a relationship with the Lord.
You can receive from me without coming in contact with me but you can not receive in me unless you come in contact with me.(carry your food in the kitchen, that means you will have to enter the kitchen to pick it. But carry your food from the kitchen, that means someone can help you).

God is not just looking for accomplishment, He’s looking for a relationship “follow me”.

I know eventually you will be a prophet but start by following Him.
I know eventually you will be an entrepreneur but start by following Him.
You do not follow “it”, you follow “Him”.

As you follow Him, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, you begin to evolve. As you follow Him, He will direct you to the areas of your weakness.
It is in following Him, that you begin to know in Him, that you were destined to be a prophet.

Every name you see in the Bible, is not just the name of a believer. Every name you see in the Bible is also a spiritual path way that when you follow, you will become a certain kind of believer.
So, when you see “Abraham”. Abraham is not just a name of a man, Abraham is a capture of a journey, that you can follow God in a certain way and become the father of Nations.
Elijah is not just a prophet, Elijah represent a spiritual path way, that when you follow, you can become a mighty prophet over Nations.
Esther is not just a woman, Esther is a defination of a kind of call and assignment that requires interacting with royalty to preserve the purposes of God.

That means, as you begin to walk with God, eventually, there is a name in the Bible that start reflecting to your life and destiny. That’s the path way marked for you to follow.

There are many of you, as you begin to walk with God, you see your life looking like Esther and you know, that is the formation of your destiny. You discover your destiny as you follow Him, you don’t just invent and say “I can talk well, I think I’m a preacher”
As you walk with God, you will find out, that your life is looking like Joseph. “Apostle, I love the Lord with all my heart, even those around me are betraying me and I keep moving from city to city, does that look like the young boy who had a dream seeing the sun and the moon and the eleven star bowing”… You can find the parrallel of your destiny in scripture hidden in the Names of men that you call PETER, ANDREW.

I used to hate church, I used to hate the things of God, I used to hate anything spiritual. Does that sound to me like PAUL, who later became APOSTLE.
Now that you are saved, no wonder your passion seem to be greater than everyone.

At the end of your life, your name should not just be a description of you. Your name should have been a pathway that you lived for generations, that when they want to learn God in a certain way, when they say “Joshua Selman”
You can say “the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob”. These are spiritual pathways to learning God.

What pathway is your name creating for the next generation to come?
There are names you do not want to be associated with, for instance ”Jezebel”, because Jezebel is also a pathway.
For instance ”Delilah”…why? Because they represent pathways of seduction, destruction, sin, hell and death.

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