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Apostle Johnson Suleman — It Is Better To Stay Unmarried Than To Put Everybody In Crisis

Apostle Johnson Suleman: The first thing a father is, a father is a loving husband. The Greatest Gift you can give to your children is to love their mother. You can not enjoy your children when you hate their mother.

You can’t go to God without passing through Christ, You can’t enter the children’s heart without passing through the mother. Never punish a child because of the offence of the mother. I don’t know what the woman did to you, I don’t know the offence she committed, but the children should not pay for it. Whatever crisis you have with your wife or the woman that gave birth for you, it is both of you. Don’t drag the children into it.

Let me tell you how life work. The children were not there when the clash between the both of you came up. They are not aware but the hatred you shown them, they are aware. You are not caring for them, they are aware. You are not showing them fatherly love, they are aware. Whatever you tell them the mother did, whatever you tell them the woman did is hearsay. They were not there. But the display of hatred towards them, they are aware. They saw and witness it.

And children learn more from pictures than hearsay. Punish the woman if you want to punish her but the children are your responsibility. Love their mother, there is nothing a woman has done, if she is ready to change, she should be given a second chance.

No woman is perfect. And the problem we have, I don’t understand. Who ate the Apple? Who did God hold responsible? The man!
For every offence a woman commit, God holds the man responsible.

Read your bible. In Ephesians 5 vs 22,23,24, God only gave women two to three scriptures.
For men, God started from verse 25 to 28.

Husband is gotten from the anglosaxon word, meaning the one that holds the house together. If it crashes, it’s him.
I have said this over time, that it is not compulsory to marry. If you don’t marry, you won’t go to hell. There is no law that says, that shall marry.

If you are not ready to love a woman, don’t marry. If you are not ready to submit as a woman don’t marry. It is better to stay unmarried than to put everybody in crisis

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