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Apostle Joshua Selman || Satan Strategy, When He Wants To Destroy A Believer

Satan strategy, when he wants to destroy a believer by Apostle Joshua Selman

When you watch someone about to cook. I know a lot of you do barbecue outside, and then you use charcoal and all of that. Watch this, how many of you know, if you pick one red hot coal and bring it out and drop it, it begin to go cold.

It is in that togetherness that strength and fire remains. So, when the devil wants to destroy a believers, he uses offense, he uses all kind of things to isolate you away from the larger body of believers.

When Satan wants to destroy you, he will make sure everyone who can help you spiritually and otherwise. He will create a reason to be offended in them. When you are now alone, then he strikes you. Woe be that man who is alone. He said two are better than one. If one falls, there will be another to lift him up.

There are believers who do not care about church. There are believers who do not care about the things of God.
Thank God for the internet, but can I tell you, the larger body of believers, you must practice the convergence of believers.

Everywhere your parish is represented, you owe it as a duty for your own spiritual growth, to make sure that you are connected practically to a body of believers.
They returned to their company, the Bible would say.

Community living is a key to sustaining kingdom values.
In isolation, you may not have the courage to say “no” to evil but as a team, you can say no together.

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