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Apostle Johnson Suleman: I remember back in the Day when I would wear one shoe till it files by the side and when people wants to refer to me they’d say you remember that brother that has Bow leg…..
I don’t have Bow leg it’s just that I was so poor that I have just one shoe that is filed by the side and when I walk it seems I have a bow leg…

One of the days in Praise and worship I was so intoxicated in the spirit that I forget how my Trouser is and I was dancing all of a sudden I heard a Tear” sound immediately I collected myself together….
Chai!!! Life this were couple processing I went through…

I don’t cut corners go through it there’s a reason God is taking you through the process,the Bible says even though you Walk through the Valley; note you walk through but you won’t die in the Valley..

Sometime ago I was ironing my tie and it got burnt and I had no other tie and I must preach so I twisted the tie and it really became a fashion brothers Started twisting their tie that Way they didn’t know that it was because my tie got burnt…

Arhhhhh I went through things but look at me Now am a living Testimony…

I don’t Know what you are going through it’s just a process you will not die in it and the Goodnews is as you see this right I Place a demand on the Grace of God on my life and I declare Help is coming to you by Fire

That seige of Poverty is Over in your in life in Jesus name

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