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Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo || The Wrong Mindset For Marriage

Many singles go into marriage with alot of wrong mindset, but I will be deliberating on four major mindsets singles have.

  • Marriage is hard: Marriage is not hard rather it is the people in the marriage that is harden. The reason people are divorcing is not because marriage is hard but because people’s heart are hard. If you yield and summit yourself to God, you will find out that marriage is not hard.

You might have experience heartbreak, you might have seen people getting divorce but have it in mind that marriage is not hard, so to have a stress-free and peaceful marriage, is to make sure that your heart is not harden.

  • Marriage have problems: Marriage doesn’t have problems, you can have a sweet and peaceful marriage if you desired and work towards it. If you go about expecting problems in your marriage, you will eventually have it.

*My spouse must provide all my needs: Many singles, when they are dreaming of marriage, they always think that the person the will get married to must provide all their needs.

No human being can meet all your needs both physically and emotionally needs, if you are not happy before marriage then you won’t be happy in Marriage because it is easier to happy when you are single than when you are married

Many people are unhappy in their marriage because they go into marriage with high expectations but low preparation. It is only God that can provide all your needs.

*Abuse is normal because no one is perfect: Many singles go into marriage with this mindset. There are many singles that believes that cheating and beating is normal thing to do in marriage. Abuse is not normal, so don’t allow anybody subject you to that untold hardship.

It is not normal for an adult to discipline another adult through beating, it is not normal for a man to beat his wife, she is not a child, she is your wife for God’s sake

Someone is physically assaulting you in relationship and you are still thinking off going into marriage with the same person. The thing that resulted to some people’s divorce today, were present even when they were still in a relationship, yet they ignored it and got married.

Please singles, get rid of this mindset and always bear it in mind that marriage is a good thing, marriage is peaceful and sweet.

God bless you!!

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  • You are saying the real truth


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