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Apostle Johnson Suleman || How People Loss Helpers

Apostle Johnson Suleman: A young man met me. He had a politician that he was working with and the politician did not treat him well.
And He said to me “daddy, I have all his secret” and I hate such statement. He said I have all his secret, am going to expose him. I ask him “Who is the person?” He mentioned the name of the person and I know  the person. I said “leave him alone”. He said “why?”
I said “I know the man, he’s a philanthropist, he helps people. Any man who is a blessing to people, don’t fight him because the prayers working for him is more than the attacks intended against him”.

This man that have built schools, built this, built  that…If he has not helped you, then something is wrong with you. What did you do that stopped the help?
I did some investigation and I discovered that he’s the one that is supposed to be dealt with.
You know, there are people that think that supporting them is an entitlement. That you will have to support them. They think you owe them. I don’t know why the poor think the rich owns them.

“Look at him, he just bought a new car. When he should have give the car to the poor”.
You are wearing shoe, have you given your shoe to the poor? Start it, we’ll follow you.
I have taught you before, when somebody is blessed by God and he blesses you, stop checking what he gave you to compare his size. “How can this billionaire gave me ten thousand”… free ten thousand naira, is ten thousand whether is from a billionaire or from a poor person. Focus on the value of the money, not the worth of who is giving you. It is a wrong mindset that have made people to lose helpers. “Look at what he gave me and he worth so and so”… are you Forbes?

People takes privilege as rights. If God gives you an avenue where you are getting you daily 2k, hold it tight. Because that person that is telling you that you are not getting enough, is actually looking for that little you are getting.
When you messed up, your eyes becomes clear and you see the reality of life. By the time you messed up that place, sapa is your portion.

You will not be manipulated from your help…

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