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Why You Should Always Speak Positive Word To Your Husband || Rev Funke Felix Adejumo

Rev Funke Felix Adejumo: What do you say to your husband?
Scientist have discovered that words don’t die and thats corroborating the Bible in Genesis 1:1
God said it and God saw it.

Scientist, did a research and they discovered that words do not die. Any word you speaks bounces and wait for you in the future.
So, many times when i wake up in the morning and I’m doing my quiet time, I say “Father, if there is any negative word i have spoken, please let the blood overtake it. Any negative words waiting for my future, i destroy it by the blood of the lamb”.

Words do not die. What do you say to your husband?
Feed your husband with words of life. Words that will let him know that you believe in him. Applaud him.
Apart from that, physically what do you give your husband and how do you serve his meals? You treat your husband as if he’s a nonentity, you serve him anyhow “your food is in the microwave, if you like go take it, I’m off”. But when guests visit, you are sweating, you bring out all the dishes, you are setting the table. I used to be like that and one day i went to a conference. So i got back home, set the table and i was sweating.
And my little son came up and said “mom who are we expecting?” I said, “its your dad”.
He said, “aaaahh Dad… is he that important?”.
So, even the children are watching because they are innocent learners.

Some of you have beautiful dishes, you stack them up for Jehovah witness people. The same plate, your husband have been using to eat since Canada was founded.
My husband seat is different. I’m a pastor’s wife. My dinning set has 14 chairs because we always have crowd. My husband seat is different and you dare not sit on it. He’s a king in this kingdom. He faces his pressures and ministry and others. So, when he comes home, I want him to come to his kingdom with expectation.

When last did you receive your husband or welcome him with a bokay in your hand at the door? Some of you, your children has taken the places of your husbands and you keep making sure that children come in between you. Everytime my children, my children. In 25years time, those children would have gone. If they don’t go, you will pray “God please let them go and get married”.
And it will be just you and the man and sometimes you will be lonely even though you are two, because you did not build that relationship over the years.

So, it is important to you, please feed the man correctly. Stop giving him the same meal everyday. Learn as a woman the way you set the table, the way you lay the bed, the way you mix the meals…  Be creative!
Serve him. Let him know that you have his time. It is important for you to do this.

Let your husband feel special. Make him a king in your home. If you are not married, you can start learning and prepare for the future. There is no man you treat like a king that will not treat you as a queen.

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