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Any Religion That Makes Heaven More Important Than Earth Is Not In Line With God’s Will. || Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe: Any Religion That Makes Heaven More Important Than Earth Is Not In Line With God’s Will.

John 17:15-16.. “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.”

Religion tries to get you out of here, the Kingdom want to make sure you stay. Why must the earth be inhabited? For what purpose? To fill it with the Glory of God.

God never created the earth for wicked people. Am not talking about people because all people are God’s property. But He did not create the earth for the devil and his evil influence to possess people to do wicked things on His property. The earth was created to be inhabited by the children of God who will manifest His Glory(culture).

So, the Bible said, even the plants and the animals are groaning waiting for the sons of God to be manifested on the earth.
My point is this, He does not want to take you out because it goes against His motive.
Any religion that forces you out of this earth as a relief, is an irresponsible and ungodly religion. Any religion that makes heaven more important than earth is not in line with God’s will.

Notice, He did not say take away the evil people, because people are already evil, they are under a spell.
We have 2% homosexual in Bahamas and they make it sound like it is 88% because the 98% are quiet.
The earth was not made for drug sellers..
The earth was not made for prostitute house..
The earth was not made for demon.
It was created by God to fill it with His Glory and God said, “it is good”.

He said, “Father, do not take them out, protect them from the evil one”.
The Buddhism teach, prepare for paradise..
The Hinduism teach, burning incense and worship God and you will make it to a higher level of incarnation in higher heaven.
The Muslim teach, if you fast and keep Ramadan, pray 7times a day and keep people who don’t believe in you and you make it to paradise.
Christians say, believe in Jesus and go to Heaven
EVERYBODY WANTS TO LEAVE. Jesus said, “no, I don’t want anybody to leave. Keep them in the earth Father, but don’t let them be a victim of the earth but let the earth be a victim of what they bring to it”. Which is the KINGDOM OF GOD.

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