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Apostle Joshua Selman || Difference Between Failure As A Person And As An Event

Apostle Joshua Selman: Let me tell you this, even if an Angel appears before you and say, ” I have ordained you to be a real estate champion in Abuja, receive the Grace”. You can fall down and roll under the anointing and get up and your first deal can even be a scam because there are many things  you don’t know.
And yet, you go to God in prayer and God says “I don’t even know what you are talking about. All I know is that what I said is still what I’ve said”.

Many believers have this superstitious belief that just because you fail, people will come and say “this business, did you really hear God?”
And you go back in shame and regret. There is difference between failure as an event and failure as a person. He said “rejoice not over me my enemy”.
It is true that Jesus died but for how many days did He die? Don’t talk about the dead Jesus when He’s already back to life.
Imagine that Jesus rose up from the grave and  sat there inside the tomb and say “I’m angry because everybody ran away from me, you better come and carry me out of this place”.

As soon has He came back to life, He had no time. The Bible says He rolled the grave clothes and He had what to do. He didn’t see the disciples and say “you guys, three days I suffered. I was in that tomb alone”. He had no time for that discussion.
Determined people, don’t weep for too long. If they go through something, they can stand, learn from it, readjust and fire on. Determined people are those that, if one door closes, they force another door to open.

“Apostle, right now, I’m in school, I don’t have a father, I don’t have a mother. Where will my school fees come from?”… just read your book. Start from there, read your book. If you don’t read and the school fees comes two weeks to your exam, you will still fail even though the miracle has come. Do the part you can do and leave God to do what you can not do. God will not do what you can do.

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