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Apostle Johnson Suleman: Poverty is a problem. Most of the problems in marriages are not demonic problem, they are money problem. “Yes, I do” can become “I’m done” because of poverty.

“I love you, I love you” is because there is constant chicken on the table. A woman can love you without money, but she loves you more when there is money.
Without money, love is a feeling, with money love is a living thing. You don’t have a responsibility because you have money, you have money because you have responsibility. When you have that mentality, you will spread. Money is like manure, if you don’t spread it, it starts smelling.

You want to be wealthy, never spend money before you earn it. Avoid debt!
The life of living in debt is spending money before you earn it. There are so many people now, there are something they have not paid for, which they bought on credit. Credit living makes you lose credibility. Anytime you borrow from somebody, you are prophesying servant-hood. Anytime you borrow, you have esteemed someone above yourself.

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