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Apostle Johnson Suleman Replies Christians Who Doubts Prayer Can Heal Those With Coronavirus

Founder and General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman has replied those that said prayers would not heal Coronavirus, COVID19.

Apostle Suleman had announced that he would be holding prayers for COVID19 victims. This announcement was made by the Omega Fire Ministry television station, which is known as celebration TV.

According to Celebration TV, (World Miracle Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman for All World leaders, Presidents, Governors, and Corona Virus Infected Patients In Various Quarantine/Isolation Centres across the World. On Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th of April 2020 By 4pm daily).

Suleman wrote via his twitter handle, that some Christians called him and told him that prayers cannot heal Coronavirus pandemic. The Cleric said that Muslim leaders have called him that they support him in faith and will also join in praying for the healing of the world. The Man of God added that Muslim leaders encourage him but the Christians are muttering gibberish, “shame”, he added.

He added that “God is bigger than Coronavirus, COVID19 pandemic.

Apostle Suleman further said that he would stand by his words, and the prayers will be starting by Tuesday. He concluded that God will heal the world. Read his tweets below.

“Just read a piece by a certain leo Igwe against my calling for prayers, he said prayers cannot heal coronavirus. The world is in panic and you say prayers can’t do anything? I wish I could ‘unread’ the nonsense you spewed.(Hebrews 13.8,Luke 1.37)..God is bigger than covid 19”.

“Muslim leaders have called me that they support me in faith and will be praying too for the healing of the world, yet some who say they are Christians are muttering gibberish, shame. I stand by my words we are starting prayers from Tuesday and God will heal”.

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