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Why God Gives You Room To Fail And How He Works With Your Failure || TD Jakes

TD Jakes: Sometime, you have done all you know how to do and is not working the way you want it to work and you sit down and feel sorry for yourself and go into a state of depression.

You need to know that God allows you to have winter because He knows the spring is coming. The winter is not a sign that you failed and all the trees have all changed colour and I know you are not seeing any fruit and everything is dried up and withering. Everything you lost is fertilising the next awakening that is about to break forth in your life.

Whatever you did that didn’t work, that makes you feel embarrassed and ashame and depressed. You need to dry your face and use it to wash your net and fix the broken places..

When God allows you to have downtime, it doesn’t mean you have been denied, it simply means you have been delayed and being delay is a blessing, so that you can be better prepared..

It’s a favour that it didn’t work..
It’s a blessing that you toiled all night and caught nothing because God first of all wants you to learn that it is not by want you do but by what He says that the blessings breaks forth in your life and failure is a part of your training. You can’t learn how to work without falling, falling is what teaches you how to work.

When God is going to use you in a great way, you have to go through a period of failure. Especially when God is going to exalt you high, He humbles you low. So that He can take you high..

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