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Understanding Difficult Time, And What God Expects You To See || TD Jakes

TD Jakes: some of you who have been feeling you have been in a state of failure, God is really been giving you a time for preparation.
To strengthen your cords..
To enlarge your vision..
To train your people..

Have Faith in the middle of failure. You don’t need faith and success. If a man sees that which he hopes for, why did he hope for it? If I already got it(success), I don’t need faith. For faith is the substance of the things I hope for and it is the evidence of the things I don’t see, If I see it, I don’t need faith for it, I need faith for what I can’t see. For the just shall work by faith and not by sight.

Have you ever been thrown out in the dark. You don’t even see how you are going to do it yourself.

We are so busy trying to please everybody, that we are not willing to look like a fool for a while. Whatever our church have become, I did not see it.

You have no idea of what is in you. Do you have any idea of what God has invested in you, that you haven’t even touched yet?

Do you understand that the problem you are going through right now, is not even the issue? Is just training for you..

The Lion that you are fighting with now, is not even the issue.. They are your strength for Goliath!

And God just allowed the Lion to come into your life, so that you have something to work on.

The Lion is not important, it doesn’t matter how you killed it and all you went through…. God is training you with the Lion. God doesn’t care about the Lion, He cares about you. He is using the problem to get you ready, to teach you patience, to teach you how to trust Him with no money and trust Him with not enough help.

He is preparing you for the next release of Glory, so that when folks start working out, it will not shake you.

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