North Korea Is Set To Get Hit By The Gospel

North Korea is set to get hit by a new massive radio station proclaiming the Gospel. It is a known fact that North Korea is the most dangerous place for Christian in the world.  For anyone who proclaim Christ is sentence to death. Ed Cannon, president of Far East Broadcasting Company, also known as FEBC, has come up with a plan to reach North Korea with the gospel of Christ from south Korea.

According to him, he told CBN News that every thing they need to carryout the assignment to see people in North Korea give their life to Christ has already been made available and the radio station will kick of in few months time and they have already found a location to plant it

He added that, the native of Korean will also be used as well in the broadcast because many escapee and refugees are in their organisation.

The radio station is going to be structured in a way which the North Korea’s regime can not block.

For 75 years FEBC has been using radio signal to reach the world with the message of Christ. The same goal they has for other countries would be same for North Korea. Many Christians in Korea affirmed that they are ready to die for the Gospel.

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2 thoughts on “North Korea Is Set To Get Hit By The Gospel

  • Bishop.Danie Muindi

    This post is an eye opener to many people, thanks alot.

  • Bishop.Daniel Muindi

    This post is an eye opener to many people, thanks.


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