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Dr. Myles Munroe || Poverty Is Not Of God And How Your Prosperity Has Connection With God’s Reputation

Myles Munroe: Whatever I am, I decided to become. You should stop blaming people for your state in life. Whatever you are right now, you decided to be. Life is designed for you to succeed because God needs you to succeed. The success of everything God created protects His reputation.

Every product that a manufacturer made, he put his name on it..
Your shoe has a name on it..
Your dress has a label on it..
Your car has a name on it..
Your Ipad has a name on it..
Your telephone has a company name on it..
Mercedes-Benz has a name on it and that name is called “the image”

When they finished with the product, the last thing they put on it, is the image(name).

What finish really means..
For instance a phone was finished before it was sold. No product leaves a manufacturing plant, until it has been tested. And they test everyone of them.

No creator allow any product to leave the plant unless it was already finished.. They are so sure it gonna work and they put ontop of it in the box, a book. And the book has alot of promises..
The book promises you all kind of things.. it says;
This phone will make phone calls..
This phone can connect to the Internet…
This phone can send text messages..
This phone can collect voice mail..
This phone battery can last for 8hrs…

How did they know that? Cause they have already tested it…!

In the book, we have warranty and guarantee.. If the product gets damaged within the period of warranty, you are to sheep it back to their company and they will repair it at their own expense or replace it with new one at their own expense. They are not doing it because of you, they are doing it because of their name sake. They are protecting their reputation.

So when they finished it, they put a book on it… how many of you read the manual of your refrigerator?
Your car?
Your Ipad?
You VCR?

When you bought your VCR, you only learnt four things which is stop, rewind, pause and play…. That’s it!

Your VCR has 22 functions and you only know four. That means you are not operating all 22 of it potentials.
You are living below of it privilege..
You are abusing your own VCR..

Some of you are just like the VCR… get up, go to work, go to bed, eat..
Because you have never read His manual on your life

When God decided to create a product called “man” and God tested you before He put His image (name).

That’s why the first thing God actually said is the last thing He said. Let us make man, and we will put on him our image.

God said to Jeremiah, before you was conceived in your mother’s womb, I already tested you.

What you have, you have not really seen it yet. That’s why your teacher can’t measure you. You came to earth because you have finished.

When God released you, you came with everything.. That’s why you should not judge every person!

The purpose is built into the product. You are not born to find your product, you are born with your purpose. That’s why your dreams is so big.

You are afraid of your own self because your culture has told you, who you should be. They have no idea who you are. That’s why you must let God be true and every other product a liar!

Don’t give your measure from other product. No one knows a product than the manufacturer

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