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Apostle Suleman Fires Back At Igwe Leo Who Promised To Give Him $1000 If He Heals A Covid-19 Patient

Apostle Johnson Suleman has sent out a reply to one Igwe Leo who promised to give the clergyman a thousand dollars (1,000) of he was able to heal a Covid-19 patient.

The senior Pastor and general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries international has dished out a perfect response to the Nigerian man trying to show off his wealth by tempting the man of God.

Apostle Suleman in his tweet reveals he had healed more than one Coronavirus patient, in his words “I will send you the details of those already healed..”

The clergyman further stated that he doesn’t need his money, he Igwe Leo was a broke man to have mentioned just a thousand dollars (1,000) in his statement.

Apostle Johnson Suleman tweeted few minutes ago saying,

“A certain Leo igwe says I should heal covid19 and get a 1000dollars..I will send you the details of those already healed..so you can investigate..I am not the healer,God is…to mention 1000dollars,shows you are broke and poor..keep it..you need the money than me..”

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