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I Was Contemplating Suicide When God Used Bishop TD Jakes To Save Me Because I Was Facing Rejections ||Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

When Bishop TD Jakes invited me to dedicate the Potter’s House, that was the most difficult time in my life. At that time I was contemplating suicide. The thoughts were coming and I realised later on that it was a spirit that was assigned to mentally to bombard me to give up living.

And when he invited me, I was dealing with somuch shame and rejection that made me decided not to honour the invitation, because it will open me up to too many questions.

Later on, I took all of myself and I said, “now, I will do it”. As soon as I said ‘yes’, people started calling to the Potter’s House and saying you can’t have him, do you know what is going on in his life?

So, Bishop Jakes called me and said what is going on? And I ask what?
He said we have been having too many calls coming in and everybody is talking about you and all that, what’s going on? I said, is same thing I have told you, is nothing new, is the same old devil. The devil is fighting me and I am also fighting him and so, he is angry with me. So, is same thing I have told you, is nothing new. And he said, “okay, that’s fine”

But he opened me up to all kinds of contradiction and people where angry that, in the midst of my shame and what they call defeat in my life, I was invited to do such an honourable thing. Sitting there was the vice-president of the United state and every Bishop in the christian community was sitting there.

And when they called me to dedicate the Potter’s House, I took the microphone and said;

“Lord, many are they, that have written me off and say there is no hope for me and that I’m finished.
They said politically, financially, religiously that I’m finished. There is no hope for me. But thou o Lord, my Glory and thy lifted up of my head”

As I took the microphone, somebody stood inside of me. And that prayer was about seven (7) minutes and that opens up America up for me.

Up till today, every invitations I have had from all major churches in America, came from that seven minutes prayer and that was the lowest times of my life and it was the time of rejection and embarrassment and mockery

When everybody concluded I was finished, the experts in the kingdom and in the church said I was finished. But I understood, as it is written;

“who is he that sayeth a thing or prediction anything and cometh to pass when the Lord God commanded it not”

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