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What Shall You Do-‘ Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul Enenche is the senior pastor of Dunamis International Centre. While ministering, he man references to Mike Bamiloye post on Facebook page. He went further to add by asking what will you do, if Christ should come? He wrote:

A man wrote;
Only one plague and the world stood still…
Only one plague and the world government is humbled..
Only one plague and the world powers are confused..
Only one plague and everyone is scampering for safety..
Only one plague and all economy shutdown. I don’t know how Italy, China will be recovering..
Schools shut down..
Offices shut down..
Streets were deserted..
Only one plague and Mecca send back worshipers..
Jerusalem turn back their tourist..
Vantic and city closed down..
Just one plague, churches are shut down, Mosques closed up, all sports are postponed, clubs are sealed .
Only one plague and the entertainment industry is groaning mournfully..

Just one plague
Don’t shake hands again..
Don’t hug each other again..
Step away a meter space..

Before the plague, there were nations threatening nations for war..
There were countries bullying countries..
There was war in Syria
Revolt in Iran
Crisis in Turkey
Protest and political unrest

But the plague surfaces and quieted everything..
War seized for the plague
Unrest stopped for the plague
Olympic is shutting down for the plague
Everybody ran to their houses
Everyone is hiding away for just one plague

But what shall you do about Plagues upon Plagues when the trumpet sounds?
And Jesus has come and gone with His blood washed saint..

Welcome to a dress rehearsal!!

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One thought on “What Shall You Do-‘ Dr Paul Enenche

  • Tegha Fabrce Ndifor

    What the world need now is GOD. As for me I Need more of the word, for the edification of my soul!!!


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