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Apostle Johnson Suleman Sends Words To Critics

The Senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry sends words to critics who accused and keep accusing him for standing out that the government should call on men of God to isolation centres to pray for individuals with coronavirus.

Having said that, a man named ‘Leo Igwe’ attacked him, saying if he can heal one covid patient, he will give him a thousand dollars but Apostle Johnson Suleman gave him a good response.

Like in the day of Jesus Christ in the desert, Satan tempted him, if you are a son of God, change this stone to bread.

After all that, some self acclaimed Christians attacked him aswell by calling him names.

Apostle Johnson Suleman asked them, to know what their problem is, because on either side, he is being accused. And later on, he called them hypocrites because of their unbelief. He his tweet, he wrote;

“A pastor speaks for the oppressed and gets arrested, you are silent. He feeds the hungry, you are silent.. He employs hundreds of jobless folks you are silent yet you claim to be a Christian. He replies critics and you are quick to say he should behave like a man of God?. hypocrites.”

The truth is, no one ever believed in David until Goliath was knocked down..

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