Apostle Johnson Suleman –Somebody, Doesn’t Have To Help You, To Be A Good Person

We live in a generation where we try to destroy those we can’t replace. Some of you, there are people in your family that God has given to you. All because they are not helping you, you feel they are not good people. Somebody, doesn’t have to help you to be a good person. Somebody doesn’t have to FAVOUR you to be a good person. So long they are helping others, if it doesn’t get to your turn, it means God does not want anybody to share His Glory in your life.

Work hard and be great. Stop looking for who to has helped you or who has not helped you. You did not give them what they have.
This hasn’t given me, that hasn’t given me… are you not ashame?

What is your contribution to their rising? What is your impact to their lifting, that you are equating what they gave you and what they did not give you. Did you make the money for them? “He became a senator, can you imagine, all he gave me was just house rent” and that house rent is what helped you for that year.

What was your contribution to his Senate ambition? That SOMEBODY is related to you, is a crime. That you must drown the person.
We live in a generation of arrogant entitlement. When people feel once they know SOMEBODY, the person must die for them.

And even you, God has given little privilege, understand that you are sent to people. Help!
You are a woman, God has privileged you to be the one who has a job and your husband doesn’t have a job, cover for him. Stop all this “Am the bread winner”, how much is bread? People are winning trophies and you are winning bread and you are happy…
Anybody around you, who God has lifted, please protect that person, pray for that person.

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