Ladies, if you are sleeping with a guy while you are still in a relationship and you think he is going to marry you, you are just having a nightmare because he will never marry you. Why do you think he will marry you?, when he’s already enjoying everything he should enjoy in marriage, so why buy the cow when the milk is free.

Am telling you the pure truth, the guy you are sleeping with now, he is not your husband but he is already enjoying everything a husband should enjoy, that guy will not marry you.

You will cook for him, do laundries for him, you sleep with him till you get tired, you come over during weekends, so what exactly should push him to marry you, when you are already giving him everything for free.

If you are having sex now, that means you are increasing your appetite for sexual intimacy that you may not even need, and most times if the guy you slept with ends up not marrying you, you will move to the next guy and continue sleeping with him with so much expectation that he will marry you, my dear, you are just wasting your time and energy because he will not marry you.

A guy that is enjoying you now will not marry, because he has seen and enjoyed everything, so nothing is left for him to enjoy.

Most times, when you indulge in marital sex , that is sex outside marriage, you are indirectly inviting diseases that will end up ruining your motherhood, that is having so many diseases inside your body due to premarital sex may render you infertile.

The bible warned us that premarital sex is wrong and in most cases, you hear people saying, how can I marry someone I have not tasted before?, how will I know if I am sexually compatible with the person.

Most times, when people that are already having sex outside marriage ends up getting married, they will be tired of themselves because there is nothing new, so it is better to wait till marriage untill you have sex because sex is good when it is done in marriage.

Premarital sex is wrong, even if you are in love with that person, being in love does not justify sex outside marriage.

Please beware of premarital sex because God detest it and it may equally end up ruining your life.

God bless you.

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