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Apostle Johnson Suleman || How To Speak Positive On Social Media When Things Are Bad

Apostle Johnson Suleman: If you must survive in this life, there are times to hide yourself. We started life with a mobile phone. All the mobile phone will do is call and send a text before BlackBerry was introduced so you can chat. After which, facebook, instagram and tiktok came in.

There are people that spent their whole life on tiktok. I’m not against you being on an app if it’s gives you money. Am only angry when you are there and there is nothing you are making from it. You are there morning till night!

The people that go about checking you on those apps are you enemies. Your enemies check it more than your friends.
When you are down, dont say anything on that app. When you are depressed, it should not reflect on that app.

Because, when you are down, depressed, angry about life. The people who are excited at that condition, are your enemies. So, always post things that will make them think of committing suicide….

When things are down, go there and post “This is the best day of my life”. Don’t show your enemies that life is out.
Listen to me, keep your enemy in a state of LIMBO(where your enemy are indecisive). You bought a car, don’t say you bought a car. Say “This is what the Lord has done”. Make them confused, make them busy thinking…

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