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Reasons why people don’t make progress in life by Apostle Joshua Selman.

When you find me making so much progress in life, it is not because I know alot nor because I am invisible to all the impediment that stops men from making progress, but because I have discovered that the Lord is my shepherd.

One of the reasons why people donot make progress in life is because of ignorance. Knowledge is represented to light, so you are only able to move or make progress to the degree to which you see.

The second reason why people donot make progress is due to demonic activities, demon spirit can hinder your advancement and progress in life.

The third reason, which is the most important reason, is the absence of Divine direction, which is the leadings of God.

Your inability to access the leadings of God is the greatest explanation of stagnation. No matter what kind of vision you have, no matter the great destiny you have , but your inability to access and understand the leadings of God per time, per season and per moment, may keep you stagnated for a very long time.

To fulfill your assignment and your Divine destiny, you need to be guilded and led by God, because it is impossible to actualize destiny outside God’s guidance and leading.

People that are called great in the kingdom today were men and women who have mastered accessing the leadings of God and the triumph from one level of result to the other.

The first key to access and enjoy the leadings of God, is to admit that you are limited and insufficient. Knowing fully well and also admitting that you are incapable draws God’s help to you.

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