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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Why My Father Never Wanted Me To Preach In Nigeria

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Paul said in First Corinthians 15:10, “I am what I am by the grace of God”.  You must understand it is about God. The palm tree depends on the sun.
 There are other trees, you water them. But the palm tree flourish, so long the sun shines. The palm tree depend on Divinity for their survival.

 Sir, it doesn’t matter where you are, if you can look up to God, you will not crash. If you can look up to God, you will not be finished. It doesn’t matter how hostile the environment is, it doesn’t matter the hostility, how terrible the situations are, have this consciousness that you are with God and God is with you. He’s Emmanuel “God With Us”.
On my way to Auchi many years ago, I spent most of my years in Benin. 19 years in Benin, spent almost 7-8 years in Lagos.

 I only come to this side, you know when on holidays because this is where I come from. My father is from this place. So, I only come on holidays once in a while.
 I stayed at a particular time for about 3 years and we couldn’t stay. So, my mom said “you people should come to Benin”.
when the Lord spoke to me, I was preparing to go to New York to do ministry because my father said go abroad, you are carrying Bible, don’t embarrass me. If you want to do this, go far where I can’t see you, go far he said “I’m a Muslim, I’m an Halaji, I know how I’m respected”

 So, if you want to continue this, go far. I don’t want them to keep saying Halaji son, we saw Halaji son carrying Bible”. 
Because, the truth is prior to that time, that thing called “Christianity” which today we all celebrate, there was no trace of success. There was no connotation, there was no correlation, no semblance. Then, it was believed that to be a Christian means to be stranded, to be a Christian means to be beggarly.

It was a generation, when they are doing Thanksgiving, they would print envelope(you know that kind of thing, Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, we the so so church under the chairmanship of our Lord Jesus Christ, we hereby host… you know that kind of thing)
 And you put money inside. Do you remember that? That was the generation and I saw pastors come to my father to beg money. I saw pastors beg.
Because I was privileged by God, I wasn’t born into poverty, many of you from this town know who my father is. So, I wasn’t born into poverty or lack. I didn’t know what poverty was, to be honest.
I was given a personal car at the age of 15. So, I didn’t know what poverty was. But when I became a Christian, God had to take me far to meet some brethren who poverty was their identity.

 I lived with them. That was when I knew that eating is three times. I didn’t know anything called three square meal. In our house, 7 square meal, 8 square meal, 5 square meal minimum. 9 square meal, you eat any time you want to eat. There is no morning, afternoon, no breakfast, lunch, dinner. It did not exist because we have pre-lunch, we have lunch, we have after lunch, we have pre-dinner, as you finish eating there is some bush meat waiting somewhere as you are taking that one, there’s some smoothies somewhere, as you taking that one, there’s some sausage.  So, we where eating life away.

I remember one time, I visited the Christian brother around 2am and we finished praying. I told him, I said “I’m hungry”. He said eh, day never break. I said “it doesn’t matter, I’m hungry”.
 Through them, I didn’t just see 3 square meal,  sometimes 001, sometime 010, sometime 000.
If there was something I couldn’t stand, it was hunger. Forget today that our Papa doesn’t like food, Papa doesn’t…. it was the discipline of lack.

The first time I went to the mountain, I ran back. I went with them to the mountain and I said “okay we’re here”. I was looking for provision(eggs, milk). They only came with bottled water.
 I said “what is this? where’s the food? They said no food.
“We are going to stay on this place, we are not eating?” They said “yes”. The thought of it, I died. The thought of absence of food, not that I thought I would die, thinking there was no food I already died.

 So, they were praying, I was just looking at them, I was angry at all of them but somewhere praying. I moved away after like 30 minutes I came to them, I said “God just told me that He has answered my prayer, that I can go”.  I left them at the mountain..
It was at Ekiti State. Then, it was not Ekiti State, it was a joint State, Ekiti was extracted from it. It was Ondo mountain and I left them there and we came back, you that is running, I said no problem, thank you. But over the years five years, six years we grew up together, when I will be fasting, they’ll be begging me to break. So, don’t judge people by their current spiritual level. Few years later, they would beg, you go and eat and I will say “no no no I’m taking it to 5 days, I’m taking it to 6 days” but I wasn’t bored.

 I didn’t know what that was but God had to allow me go through all that experiences. When I was coming to this town, I was crying, I was weeping and He told me one word, He said “go for I am with you”, that is all He told me. I am the baptism of His Divine presence, the consciousness of His presence, the awareness of God around was the confidence and the platform on which I came to town. That is why you don’t go… Moses saw the move of God, Moses saw Miracles and Moses said “unless you go with us” because Moses knew that God can be far from you and His hand be stretched to you. God can be far from you and His grace be stretched to you but when God is tabernacled in your body, tabernacled in your business, tabernacled in your system, tabernacled in your profession, tabernacled on your children. He said “if your presence go not with us we will not go”.
God is real, you need God. God is real!

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