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Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo || How To Marry Right.

Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo: Now that you have a choice, use that choice wisely before you get married, remember that we don’t just marry for love. I don’t care how he makes you feel. Infact, I hear young girls say “oh.. pastor, you don’t understand. The guy is hot and so is hell.

So, be careful how you package yourself and hand yourself over to someone to destroy their destiny. You know sometimes, it’s not even that somebody is bad. Somebody may not be bad but the question is “is he good for you?” Before I met Pastor K, i was engaged to be married. Infact, I had done introduction to a doctor who was living in the UK.

We have dated for 5 years. It’s not like is all those somebody connected us. No, I knew him when he was in school. Infact, part of the way he even traveled was my brother that helped him and blah blah blah that story is for another day because we had done introduction. So, everybody believed “ohh these people are getting married” and one day God said to me “the man you are with, is not your husband”.

I say “God I don’t like this rough play because I don’t really like this kind of things, I’ve been here for 5 years now he’s not my husband. What am I going to go tell my parents?
 I don’t know about other people, I have this relationship with God. I know He’s my father and I know that anything he does is for my good. I don’t struggle with it because I know it’s for my good. It may pain my flesh but I know ultimately, it’s for my good and so God told me the person you’re with is not your husband.

So, somebody that I had been with for five years, someone that we had planned our lives, infact I have even sent some of my things when he was moving to the UK. That’s how sure I was. God said “this is not it, backdown and God told me something, He said “it’s not just about marriage, it’s about what I want to do with your life. So, the person I put over you has to be a leader and not a lead.

So, marriage is not something that you just enter lightly. I don’t know why I feel the need to hammer this to the single people because single people, you still have a choice. When you are married, you will be managing the situation. Be praying.
 Ask any married woman that’s what they even will give you “counsel counsel counsel”, last last, the end is “be praying”.

But you know, you can use your prayer for other things, because when you get married you either get a prayer partner or you get a prayer point as a single person you can choose.

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