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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Why People Are Going Through Repeated Hurt.

Apostle Johnson Suleman: There are people planted around us who are slowing our speed. Anytime you want to advance, they come up with a subject, they come up with an attitude. Because they are close to you, people think they are with you. There are certain people that would have married you, but an evil friend you call a best friend, everything she said about you, they believe  because they sees both of you together.

You have been told once, what this people is saying, you have been told twice but that’s where you still sleep and wake up. Will they kill you before you learn?
There are people that have made it known that they don’t like you, don’t hate them, because as a believer, you are not permitted to hate. But please, keep your distance.
As a believer,  you are not permitted to hate but you are permitted to love. There is a difference between love and friendship. God said, love people, He did not say you should be friend to them. You can love people from a distance, wish them well but don’t visit their house. Identify those around you who have constantly talks you down, those around you who sees your doors open and they shut it. Identify them and give them some distance.

If you discovered the way Jesus treated Judas, He kept him far. Go through any scripture, anytime they are introducing all the disciples, they introduced Judas last. From the day Jesus knew who he was, He kept him far. Anytime Judas will bring a suggestion,  Jesus will damn him. “This thing should have been sold and given to the poor. Jesus replied, the poor you will always have with you but me you don’t have”.

You are going through repeated hurt and pain because you have not pin pointed those who don’t like you, who don’t wish you well.
This is a reality. That’s why Christians, spiritual people who love God just die. Because God opened their eyes to see who was around them but they were too careless.

Oh Lord, help us. Give us the wisdom of discernment so that we will not end up as victim in life. And give us the capacity to take decision when we find out deception. Help us not to be a victim of pain. You gave us wisdom to reduce our pains, help us to operate in that wisdom.

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