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Apostle Michael Orokpo: One  person’s concencration can be a sin to another person. There are some person’s, their concencration is to give to every poor person no matter how little, because of where they are going to and they are giving like mad-men even them can’t understand why it’s where they are going to. If you teach it you will be wrong because it is not a doctrine, it’s a personalized dealing.

This is how influence is worked, this is how influence is developed. If your concencration demands that you shouldn’t sleep, better pay the price to be awake. If you sleep now, you have sold your future. Even if you are not reading or praying, stay awake that’s your concencration. Perharps there is a visitation assigned to you. Its the day you sleep that you will miss it and you would wonder why your life will be so irrelevant, it’s because you violated concencration. The principles of concencration is a must for influence.

For Jesus, in John 3 Vs 15-17, He came to John the Baptist to be baptized and John the Baptist said “no I should be baptized of you”, He(Jesus) replied “suffer it to be so  for now thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness”.
He(John) passed that test.

The spirit now lead him to the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, for forty days and forty nights he fasted, the moment He was coming down He said “it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet the land of Zebulun, the land of Naphtali, by the way of the sea beyond Jordan, Galilee of the gentile. the people that sat in darkness has seen a great light and in verse fifteen of Matthew 4 suddenly the Bible said His fame went abroad.

Influence appeared at the instance of keeping demands of concencrations
And so concencration and sanctification are the first principles of influence.
What is sanctification? Sanctification is to refuse your self being  defiled.

Can I show you something?
Judges 13:5 you look at the specific concencration of samson, it says for lo, thou shall conceive and bear a son and he said no razor shall come upon his head for the child shall be a Nazareth unto God from the womb and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hands of the Philistines.

If you wake up today and you say I’m not cutting my hair you are a joker, for Samson the law was razor. The razor must not come on his head because he is a Nazareth, that concencration is not doctrine, is a unique demand that God gave him for his calling. There are many people that God gave concencrations.. He told them “for the next three years read a book per week” that’s how they are following it and every influential person has a concencration…

Look at the life of Joseph his concencration was “purity”. If you touch any woman you are gone and so when potiphar’s wife(genesis39:9) threw herself at him, the guy said “how can I do this wicked thing and sin against God”. He knew this was a concencration. For him, purity is not just something you do as a Christian, his life anchors on it.

If you look at the life of Esther, her concencration was fasting, take a three day fast for me. … These people understood their concencration. If you look at Daniel, his concencration was prayer he said three times a day, Daniel prayed facing Jerusalem, if Daniel does not sin, pray is a sin.
Samuel said “I will not sin against God by not praying for you”. Praying for people is a sign of maturity, it’s not supposed to be a sin but for Samuel because of his calling if he fails to pray for Israel it becomes a sin. Its a unique concencration, when a man begin to journey into influence, the first thing he will discover is the concencration the Holy Ghost will begin to give him.
For some of you, it will be your words, when you say certain things, the Holy Ghost will be so grieved that you will have to repent and sometimes, take a tenance before you sense peace because where God is taking you to there is so much authority on your speech and so God will build a lot of walls around your speaking.
Somebody else may something and there is nothing wrong with it but if you say it the Holy Ghost will be grieved.

For some of you, for where you are going, your concencration will be to studying. Everyday God is troubling you read a book and your are wondering I just finished reading one book let me rest there is no time. Where you are going, you are going to adress a generation. You need a lot of raw materials for wisdom to flow through you, that’s your concencration.
For most of you, your concencration will be for you not to make friends, because friends can become a distraction and so you just find yourself withdrawn not because you are an introvert but because you need to gain mastery in the spirit.

You need to know how to befriend Angels, you need to know how to interact in the heavenly realm and human civilization will be a distraction and so many times you are alone in your room. Sometimes, you are not even praying but you can not socialize not because socializing with people is a sin but it’s your unique concencration. If you want to be influential, you must obey it. If you don’t obey it, you can never become. The day you violate that concencration, that day your influence will begin to go down… When the hair of Samson was cut, instantly Samson became a puppet.

He say I will out as at other times in Judges 16 Vs 19-20. It says and I will shake myself and the Bible said he wilst not that the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him, he had violated his concencration.This is why some of you, the day you fornicated, suddenly the voice of God left you, you couldn’t hear God anymore, because your concencration was tied to your purity. This is why some of you the day you lied and spoke arrogantly,you discovered the anointing went down, because your concencration is built on truth. If you know this you will watch it, you will walk with it..

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