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Apostle Joshua Selman–Don’t Pursue Money, Pursue Value And Money Will Follow

The Things that attract money by Apostle Joshua Selman.

This is the reason I frown at incompetence and I challenge people, whether in ministry or in business or cooperate life or whatever it is. You owe yourself a responsibility to forget trying to look for money because that’s even a wrong approach. Competence has a voice and leaders understand the language of competence. If I call you right now and I say you should stand up in Hausa or Ibo, there are few people that will remain seated because they may not know what I said. Competence has a language. There are people competence calls and they can hear the language of competence.

Many believers are incompetent as far as our cooperate work is concerned. We are not committed to excellence and competence. We pride ourselves around mediocrity and then you want to garnish it around all kind of church sentiment. There are many believers who have had the privilege of project that was given to them and they did complete rubbish and yet they are sincere believers. God grants you an opportunity to cook for kings and because you took time just wishing that God will invite you, rather than preparing yourself. Your waiting period should not be spent just anticipating days that would come. According to the law ofp time and chance, your day will come. So, prepare while you are in the wilderness, because you will see Goliath one day.

Most people don’t spent time preparing. It was Dr Morduck who defines favour as when preparation meets opportunity. Most believers are not competent. That’s includes us, we preachers.
If you have an organisation and you are downsizing people, you will usually start from people you consider to be incompetent or people whose value are not needed and largely, it is the believers that will be thrown out. And then they returned back, filling the the church with all kind of cries “why will God do this to me, God you watch me while they where throwing me out”.

I want you to enter a covenant with yourself. Am not called to do everything but there must be one thing in my life that I will be exceptionally competent.
This is not an advocacy to be a Jack of all trade but you must make up your mind “Is there one thing that brands you out”.

Most times, we commit very little in terms of growing to become competent but our lived are full of an anticipation of very large result. And most think that just because of spiritual advantage like favour, “I know I can not do anything but God will still favour me”. You are talking to men!
How many of you will allow SOMEBODY who is just jumping and saying am not a killer but He’s not a competent person to perform a heart surgery on SOMEBODY your love? And yet, you are a people of faith. Incompetence!

This is what has separated Nations to be called 3rd world and first world.
If you are a man of God and you are not competent. Human beings are intelligent, nobody will come and submit themselves to any spiritual leadership where they know that value will not be dispense that is intelligently communicated and it is life applicable. There must be a point of application as far as dispensing knowledge is concerned. Everyone wants to be around a leader they know and trust, not just in terms of sincerity of heart but in terms of capacity to deliver. The Bible calls it sufficiency.

Make up your mind that you will stop to be a local champion and get back to your drawing board and make sure you zoom on one thing and obtain Grace from God to be competent

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