Apostle Joshua Selman

APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN — Why You Have Not Been Lifted By God.

Surrendering your heart is not the key to salvation by Apostle Joshua Selman.

More than fasting, More than Bible study, more than prayer, the key that causes God to invest his jealousy upon a man and stay in his life until he rises is the decree to which his kingdom can come through you.

I have seen that it is not difficult for God to lift his people, it is not difficult for God to lift an individual, but the only issue is that there is nothing about the kingdom that is represented in our desires.

It is within God’s Power to make a man rich, it is within his power to grant a man influence and it is also within his power to cause a generation and a nation to hear you but to what decree will his purpose be represented in your pursuit.

The difficulty in our Christian experience is a misrepresentation of God’s potentials, it looks like God is slack or slow but inorder to get rid of those difficulty we must allow God to take his position in every aspect of our lives.

God is touched with the feelings of our infirmities but he’s only moved when he finds himself in our agenda.

Surrendering your heart is not the key to salvation but believing the gospel and receiving his life is the key. Surrendering your life to Jesus is the key to be used by God, and it requires giving yourself totally to him. The condition to be saved is not to give your heart to the Lord rather it is to receive his life but when it has to do with doing business with God within the context of a generation the price is death. The price for all of God is all of you. According to Galatians 2;20, it says I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I that lives but he lives in me and this brings you to the understanding that you are no longer your own, everything about you both your desires, your ambition is under God’s subjection, you no longer seek anything for yourself because your desire is for him to be glorified.

It is important for us to know that this call to faith life that we call Christianity is not a journey unto pain and frustration with hope that we will hear the sound of trumpet one day, it has a well meaning but it is a destructive ideology, it is this kind of ideology that is responsible for the prevailing power of darkness. So we must understand that we are fully carrying out the great commission just because men are getting saved, that one is one side victory but it will be cancelled out by the forces of darkness if we don’t take a stand and put a stop to their evil plans

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