Apostle Joshua Selman


Apostle Joshua Selman: Anytime God gives you the opportunity to travel across a territory, please donot downplay the effort of the spiritual voices that has been within that territory.

The move and the purposes of God is generational, and God does not do the same thing every time.

The bible says that the anointing you have within you is able to teach you all things, and there is equally an anointing that comes by the reason of your call and assignment, the anointing does not follow your personality, rather, it follows to your office, so even if your personality is damaged or damaging, the anointing will continue to remain there.

Most times, you might be going down in your spiritual life , but the grace of that your anointing will still remain there, because your anointing was actually sent to your office, so it is possible to be healing people of what you are suffering from, it is possible to be blessing to people of something that is destroying you, because the anointing that is seconding you, is only following your office.

For you to receive from your office, you must place a demand on the grace that follows your anointing, that means if you are a preacher, you have to consistently listen to your message, not as a preacher, but as a member, even though you are the one that is preaching.

Many people will be surprised when they get to heaven, because they will get to see the blue print of their prophetic destiny, because alot of individuals that were destined to be great, died as nonentities.

The end time will demand a proper function of the knowledge of God, because we are going to stand against people, systems, and structures that are vocally Antichrist.

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