Apostle Joshua Selman


Apostle Joshua Selman: The world is too evil and cruel to only use your intellect and physical strength, it takes power to last in today’s world, so it is your ability to pray in the spirit that will give you strength.

All your other gifts in the spirit is activated by your consistency in spirit, prophesies, word of knowledge and all the rest of them are at the instance of expanding your organs of interacting in the realm of the spirit.

Most times,when the devil tends to destroy us because we do not have discernment and because we have neglected the precious gift that was given to us, which is praying in the spirit.

It is in the place of prayer that direction will come, there are prayer banks in the realm of the spirit, that you can sent incense of your prayer to wait for your future there.

Some of you, God is telling you to cut yourself away from all this unuseful activities and spend your major time praying, because time will come when the liberty you have with time, will not be there again, so now is the best time to invest in prayer.

It will not just be prayers for daily bread, but prayer for edification, prayer for warfare, you are sending prayer as an usher to wait for you in the future, so you need to wake up and start praying.

The day you will take prayers serious, the realm of the spirit will start giving you feed backs, and that is when you will know that something you are doing is touching the realm of the spirit.

There are realms in the spirit, that one day you will be praying, the blue print of your family’s destiny will be opened, and that is the day you will see that your family was not supposed to be small.

There are alot of things you will discover in the place of prayer, so invest your time in praying.

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