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Apostle Joshua Selman || How To Know That Your Prayer Have Been Answered.

Apostle Joshua Selman: You cannot have consistent results until your desires are and expectations are defined.

 Luke 18:39-41..

The man said that “I may receive my sight”.
The man would have said that “you help to talk to the king for me, that they should be giving me arms every day”.  Just because you see someone in a state, does not mean they are willing to come out of it. Giving definition to your desires will cordinates the power of God to meet you at the point of your need.

Mark 11:24.. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

 I will tell you why many people never become successful. I will tell you why many people never actualize great things in life, they have no definition over their desires. They have vague ideas.
You ask an average person what do you want God to do for you? They will say things like, maybe General goodness just to show up for me or you ask them what is wrong with you?

 The first assignment of every doctor is not treatment. Is to diagnose what the problem is and diagnosis can take a long time. Am I right on that? They will need to send you to run a test and the result can show multiple possibilities, then they subject you to a more intricate test. The joy of the doctor is that he finally zooms down, people begin to rejoice over diagnosis, not just treatments. They are finally happy that we’ve known the name. The moment it has a name, your chances are high that you will be healed and you will survive when that sickness has a name. You ask any medical practitioner, the worst state any doctor can be in, is trying to treat a patient whose condition has no definition. That is true for medicine, it is also true for your life.

What kind of believer do you want to become? I just want to love God. That is vague!
I just want to be great. That is vague!
I hate poverty. That is still vague!
I want to be rich. That is vague!
I want to be a big man. Very vague! Ignorantly vague!
Because a big man is a statement that was not even introduced by big men.
You cannot have consistent results until your desires and expectations are defined.
Giving definition to your desires is a miracle. I can tell you this, it is in this area that both religion and science and psychology, they come together, they all agree that your life will revolve greater when there is definition to your expectations.
What do you desire? “That I may receive my sight”.
When your desires are defined, you will know when the goals have been achieved.

“Lord bring increase, Lord bring increase”, what does that mean?
How do you know your prayer has been answered?
“Lord take away shame from my life”, by what definition will you know shame has left?
How do you know God has answered you and how do you know the devil is stopping the prayer?
“Lord let my destiny helper send for me”, that is wonderful but what is the definition?
Now, we pray generally and you hear me prophesy generally but when it has to do with the life of a victorious one, an overcomer.

Ladies and gentlemen, there needs to be definition in your life. Most believers want to succeed but they are totally at a loss as to what success is and the indices that they will use to measure success. I have helped you in this house and I will help you again that when you talk about success, there are about seven areas that if you do not excelling, you are not successful.
 Can I do a one minute recap for you;

  1. Your spiritual growth.
  2. Mental transformation;

You are successful to the degree to which you now adopt superior belief systems that translate towards a winning and a victorious life. I refer you to my message “The Victor’s mentality”.

There is nothing called “A billionaire mad man”, No!
You give a mad man 1 billion, you did not help him. He’s not even aware because he’s not in a mental state that is fine and healthy.

3. Purpose and your ambition; That which you desire to do, as far as life and destiny is concerned.

4. Health and wellness; You are only successful in the Kingdom to the degree to which you are healthy and you are well. Your physical agility and your wellness is a very potent index for measuring success.
I’m teaching you this so that when you say “Lord I desire to be successful”, you understand the areas.
Your mind can cooperate with your prayer so that you can get answers and you will know God has answered.

5. Financial well-being; Usually this is where most people zoom down to, when they’re talking about success, they really talking about money. Financial well-being!
It is true that in all your being successful, if you lack in this area, you are not wholesomely, you not entirely successful.

6. Relationships; The sixth area that measures and defines your being successful is the quality of the relationships that you have and you enjoy in your life. You are as secured from a standpoint as the relationships that you have.

7. Fulfillment and meaning; That you want to ensure that your life counts, you want to be satisfied knowing that you are serving God and that you are becoming a blessing to humanity. You cannot have consistent results until your desires and expectations are defined.

Watch this, if you have your roof leaking in your house, do you know sometimes the leakage can start from one point or let me use a plumbing issue. Let’s say you have a leakage from your pipe, the water can flow from your living room or from the bathroom and then it flows down to the bedroom, it may even flow to other areas. You know, maybe even to your living room but when you are solving the problem, it’s not where the water is, you have to go back and find out where is the point from which that leakage started. Is the longevity of that leakage that caused that damage to even reach your living room. Do you understand what I’m teaching you?
So, you have to go past the living room and then you finally get to the point where you say “ah so it’s from maybe the toilet or the sink” and then you start to fix it there. When you fix that one, you can clean up the water that is there and you know you have done a good job but when you leave the part that is still leaking and try to mop up the water in the living room, you only wasted your time. Am I right on that?
There are many people who are just trying to mop up problems, bringing temporal solutions, they have not yet brought definition to their desires. There are believers who want empowerment from God but they do not have a clear definition. We think in pictures, that is the reason why you hear a lot of people would tell you that they have images that represent their future. When that is done within the limit of scripture, that is fine.
Now, you understand why the Lord granted me that instruction to get the map of Abuja, get the map of Nigeria, get the map of Africa and get the map of the globe. Why will God ask me to do that? I’m in a season of intense prayer, praying for the next level of Koinonia and God does not even start revealing to me where we will be meeting, He just says “you go and get the map”.
No wonder, He told Abraham, He said “come out, count the Stars”
 You are asking me to bless you but there is vagueness, there is no definition. I need to help your imagination so that I can release for you, so you can understand what I have in store. He said “count the stars” and he began to count and he was lost and he said “so shall thy seed be” finally verse 6, Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness. My dear people, believe in the power of dreams and visions, it is God’s way of helping to prepare your mind.
You see, when you have seen something and you’ve held it in your imagination, it becomes difficult for the devil to steal it from you.

Let me sincerely admit to you, if you do not have a definition for your desires, it will never come to pass. I hate to be a bearer of bad news. “oh I’m going to be a great man of God”, do you have individuals that represent where you are getting to or “I’ll be greater than anybody”… Be like them first, then you can be greater than them. Some of these foolish and blind strategies that people bring, is the reason why they don’t rise. They will tell you “I’m going to be greater than”,  have an idea “I’m going to be a greater crusade person”.
There are a few people that can be a starting point, priming your creativity Reinhard Bonnke is there of blessed memory, Billy Graham is there of blessed memory.
At every level, there is someone who can relate to your desires.

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