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Apostle Joshua Selman || What Happens To You, Does Not Have The Power To Destroy You

Apostle Joshua Selman: People are not really affected by what happens to them, they are affected by the meaning they give what happens to them.

It is not what happens to people that affects them, it is the definition and the meaning they give what happens to them that causes the pain and the despair.
What is the difference between falling in church and falling in a restaurant? Young lady as I’m teaching right now, if the power of God carries you up and lands you down, you get up rejoicing and even your seat mate will say “my God, He has visited you” verses you fall down in a restaurant, you fell down. The worst fall may even be here(church).
 What is the difference? It’s not the falling down, is the meaning that you attached to that experience, that’s what causes depression, that’s what causes Joy. It is never what happens to you that has that power to destroy you.
You have associated happenings around your life and you have connected them to certain meanings. There are events that mean failure to you, there are events that mean weakness to you, there are events that mean oppression to you. What is making someone cry is another person’s desire. Someone will cry and say I got only 1 million, is a meaning you connected to it that based on your level, 1 million is a testimony of a failure. Whereas, for someone that 1 million, he would talk about it as though, he just got to heaven.

This is the reason why comfort and counseling is powerful. What happens when you are comforted? What happens when you are being counseled? Your perceptions are being changed. That’s all!
The situation is not being solved necessarily, it is your perception. For instance, if you lose a loved one because of the pain or let me use something more bearable. You lose a job and you get angry and angry and someone sits with you down says “do you know, perhaps the Bible says all things work together for good”, is that true?
Watch what is happening to you now, the person says I know the story of someone who lost a job and did not know it was a springboard to the next level. At the end of it the person who was crying 10 minutes ago is now suddenly rejoicing. Did you give the person a job? No!
You chang the meaning associated to that situation. Can I tell you, when you learn this principle you can laugh through storms.

What happens when you make a video and you have only two likes or two follows, why do you cry? Haba, all of this, can you imagine I suffered to preach this message and only two people…. Are you sure it was only two people? What if the first click was a congregation listening to you.

A secured believer is one who redefines the meaning that you have associated to many things and with many things in your life.
It is truly not what happens to you that destroys you.

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