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Apostle Joshua Selman || What It Takes To Be Consistent

Apostle Joshua Selman: You need encouragement slash motivation to start anything but it takes discipline and endurance to be consistent.

When you’re about starting anything what you need is encouragement and motivation but it will take discipline and endurance to be consistent in life. The secret to starting is motivation but the secret to remaining and to be consistent is discipline and endurance. You need encouragement and motivation to start anything, a business, a ministry, a home. You just need encouragement but everyone who has stayed in any field of success will tell you that you get to a point where you need beyond motivation. It will take discipline and it will take endurance and talking about discipline, there are two dimensions to discipline;

  1. There is the staying power, it’s called discipline.
  2. There is the ability, the power of restraint. You need both!
     You are not disciplined, if you do not have  the staying power(the ability to continue even if alone) and secondly, the ability to say “no” to many good things. You need encouragement and motivation to start anything in life but it will take discipline and endurance.

Believers, please listen to me, this is a very profound point. Most people think that those who today we call overcomers, champions in the spirit and in destiny that it was motivation that took them all through, i disagree totally. Go and ask any champion in any field, there are times that the kind of challenges you have before you, motivation will not solve it. You need the staying power to continue even if you do not know the name of what you are doing. We have a world that is so in need of motivation and motivation is important. Don’t get me wrong, it helps to prime you to start but there are times you will need to stay alone and say “though he slay me I will still trust Him”.

Hebrews 6:15.. It says and so, after he(Abraham) had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.
 Abraham did not just obtain the promise because God said he would. It took patience, it took endurance.
Can I tell you the truth, for some of you by reason of what I’m saying, God is telling you “go back to what you were doing”, it is still my will, stay there. We have this idea that, because you are in the will of God, the results will happen overnight.. No sir! There are times you will cry, you are still in the will of God. There are times it will not make sense, you are still in the will of God.
“This stubborn child, was it a curse to get you?” He’s still a pastor, train him. Endure!

 A gentleman heard that I prayed for 72 hours and you know these guys who get motivated and that’s wonderful, it’s good to inspire people. The guy now sent a text that he was going to, you know, go pass it. He challenge himself that he will go past  72 hours and of course, there are many ways to learn.
You know, when you hear it, you think it’s just easy, “what is there”.  I assure you by experience, by the time you pass 4 or 5 hours, there has to be a Grace that carries you through. There is absolutely nothing that will motivate you about that experience again if you don’t know this, you are not a person of prayer.

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