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Apostle Joshua Selman: Do not be hasty with words or with commitments.

Do not be hasty with words or with commitments. Think, pray and seek counsel before making destiny defining decisions. This is a profound truth, do not be hasty with words, do not be hasty with commitments. By the grace of God, I’ve studied many successful people especially within the body of Christ and in ministry, I found out that the older they get, the more they place value on their words. Have you noticed that people speak faster when they younger? The aged treasure their words and sometimes they can be silent for very long but in their silence, they are processing a lot of things. Young people are full of zeal and they can shout and say a thousand words and then find out they made a mistake they cannot recall again.
Do not be hasty with words. The Bible says even a fool when he’s silent, is regarded wise. Many of us today have committed ourselves in lives and things and people to our pain because if only we were a bit patient, we would have made better decisions.

Do not be hasty with words or with commitments. Now, let me explain a bit on that. listen I wrote here that “humans are largely interest motivated and self centered. You need to know this.
Humans are largely interest motivated and self-centered. That means in your entire lifetime, you can count literally on the palms of your hands the number of people who will come to participate with your life and destiny not expecting anything in return. In the presence of Interest, everyone is a saint. Meaning, provided I can see how I can benefit from this process, I will usually be at my best. You know people in truth when there is an awareness that their expectations are disappointed, that’s when you truly know who people are.

Do not be hasty with words, do not be hasty with commitments. If only Herod was patient, he would not have made such a costly statement to tell the girl because you have danced, ask anything up to half of my kingdom. How could he say that? And the lady went and consulted and they said “beautiful, bring on a platter the head of John” and because he was a king and he had spoken. There are many of you who made hasty statements “I will sponsor 10 of you from primary school till University” and camera caught it. We live in a social media age today, after 5 years someone comes to review your commitment for you. Sorry sir, just to remind you that, you are that philanthropist that we knew 5 years ago, you promise these people that  you will pay their school fees for the rest of their life and now, you are trapped in something you do not have the capacity to sustain.
There are things before destiny defining decisions. Pray, think and then consult with wise people. This is what made ordinary people to become overcomers. They were not hasty with words.
A woman who was caught in adultery, the Bible says in the very act of it and then the people say “hey you claim that you are sent from God, this woman now has been caught in adultery, what do you have to say?” Watch Jesus the overcomer, the wise. The Bible says He sat quietly and He was writing on the ground. I’m sure the people were impatient boiling, hoping to trap Him.
If I were Jesus, I’m sure they would have caught me immediately, maybe that’s where they would have even crucified me because of careless statements and you would not have died a Saviour, you would have died a loser.
You see that? He kept quiet and He was writing and then He looks up from the residue of wisdom, He says “he who is without sin among you should cast the first stone”. End of discussion.

Watch the effect of such wisdom, the Bible says and they were convicted from the oldest. What kind of word do you say that from the eldest to the last, their consciences gets under arrest. One sentence!
Ladies and gentlemen from the oldest because the older you are, the more you need repentance and forgiveness and so from the oldest to the youngest and the Bible says they left and the woman was standing alone there and He says “woman, where are the accusers” and then He said “hath no man condemned thee” and He said “go and sin no more”. That was it.
Can I tell you, the moment people want to rush you there is most likely deception around the corner. Let me give you this as a powerful secret.

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