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Apostle Joshua Selman || Is The Voice Of God Limited To The Speaking Of God Alone?

Is the voice of God limited to the speaking of God alone by Apostle Joshua Selman.

The kingdom life was designed in a way that the advancement and progress of a believer is largely or principally dependent on their ability to be led by the spirit of God.

The faith life was designed by God in such a way that there will be no possibility of progress outside the voice of God I.e, a believer is designed to be continually dependent on the voice of God for leadership and direction.

If you don’t understand the voice of God and the nature of his leadership, you may be caged in a position spiritually, and it may end up affecting every aspect of yur life.

Many believers have not been able to live and walk in the fullness of their prophetic destiny, because they don’t understand the speakings of God.

The voice of God is not limited to the speakings of God alone, the voice of God represent all the spiritual channels and pathways God uses to communicate his will and intent. The whole idea for the communications of God was to make his will and intent known.

The power of God is the principal sponsor for everything we enjoy in this kingdom.

The primary channel for God’s communication as long as his intent is concerned is the holy ghost, so one of the ways through which you can hear from God, is through the holy Spirit.

The scripture is also a primary channel in which we can hear God speak to us, because the scripture is actually the voice of God.

Dreams,visions and supernatural encounter are also means through which you can hear from God.

May God give us the grace to discern his voice.

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