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T.D Jakes || If You Had Met Me In 18, And Tell Me I Would End Up To Be In This, I Would Have Laughed At Your Face. I Was A Poverty Stricken Poor Boy..

T.D Jakes: If He’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think. Then we have no idea of what He’s making when He’s making us. And the seed doesn’t know what the venter is doing, it just has to trust him. Imprisoned by his purpose, lock up in a situation where you just have to trust Him. I didn’t wake up to the person you see today. No where close!

If you had met me in 18, and tell me I would end up to be in this, I would have laughed at your face. I was a poverty stricken poor boy. Because I did not know what God was making. I thought I was going to be a musician. But little by little, day by day, situation by situation, He was leading me into my purpose and destiny. Not only by the doors He opens but also by the door He closes. From humble beginning!

We were poor and I did not know what God was making. And it was necessary that I come from there because of the height He will take me to. So that I will never have to question in myself “why I do what I do?”
Because I did it broke..
I did it lonely..
I did it when there was no money..
I did it when there was no car..
I did it with my light off..
I did it in my crushing..
So that now, has He begins to bring me in my senior years, I can see God doing with me, that which I never imagined possible. That;
*I will be sitting across people in Oprah William show.. was something I never asked for.
*That I will sitdown with the CEO of TNT and have a discussion is something I can’t imagine.
*That I will write books and translated into multiple languages around the world.

You don’t know what God is making while you are aching
You don’t know what God is making while you are crying.
You don’t know what God is making while you are suffering.
You don’t know what God is making while you’re lonely.
I declare to you “He’s making something”.

You may feel dislocated. You can always see what the master is doing only when we look back, then we see that God had a plan. But all we had was pain!

God know exactly what to take to bring you into the place where He can get out of you what He wants out of you and He doesn’t care whether you are embarrassed or not, He doesn’t care whether people talk to you or not, He doesn’t care what they think about you, He only cares that He get out of you what He put inside of you.

He will take you from seed to bearing fruit. And you don’t get to choose the method He uses.
You don’t get to pick the tools He caught you with. It may have been your first relationship, it may have been rape, it may have been child abuse. But it shaped something in you as horrific as it was, which has made you self reliance and able to stand and when you get to cry about it, you wake up to be a tougher woman than you were.

The thing I love the most about Him, is that God never gives up on you.

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