Priscilla Shirer || Every Christian Are In Ministry. Don’t Let Someone Deceive You

Everyone are in the ministry. If you have the name of Jesus Christ, you are in ministry. Don’t let someone else or the enemy convince you that ministry is relegated to standing on a platform behind a podium with a little microphone attached to you. Ministry is the place where you’ve been called to serve in the assignment that you have been given.

Everyone of us are representatives of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You are in ministry!
Mother of small children, don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not in ministry. Every single time you sit around that dinner table with the casserole that you prepare in the new way, then you figure out to make chicken for dinner tonight, and you figure it out successfully one more night and you sit those kids around the table and you pray over them and you teach them a Bible verse before they go to bed. Don’t let anybody tell you that, that ain’t ministry.

A high school student, when you’re walking down the corridor of that high school that you attend and you are the one that stands for righteousness in the midst of the darkness, don’t let anybody tell you 7th grader, 8th grader, freshman, sophomore that you are not in ministry.

A university student like Mr Dave’s niece, that he just told us about. When you are the only one in the philosophy class, where the professor is telling you things and teaching you things that are left of center of the truth of God’s word and you are the only student in the class of 300 that raises their hands and takes them to term and let’s them know that there actually is a truth, a standard that is the WORD of God. You are in ministry!

And corporate man or woman, when you sit around that boardroom table and you are the only one that when they are talking about their projections for the future but they lack a smidge of integrity or character and you are the one that stands for righteousness and calls people back to the truth of God, don’t let anybody tell you that is is not a Ministry…

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