Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo || How To Be More Attractive Person.

Learn how to communicate. When people talk to you, don’t give one line answer. (How are you? Fine…. And you just face your front).
And you are saying if God wants to do it, He will do it.

What you don’t realise is that God can be pointing people to your direction and you are the one driving them with your strong face. Some of you needs to go and look your face in the mirror, because what you call smile is still frown.

Can you carry out basic conversation? Don’t answer one line. If a guy comes to you and say “what’s the time? Say 4:30, are you in a rush somewhere?
Because many of you think, it’s easy for men to approach women. Many men are terrified. That’s why they start from irrelevant question…

If you are on social media and you are not socialising, you are wasting time. You are online, they post something, you don’t comment, you look at it, you make the comment in your mind and scroll pass… ahhh…You are by the well.
When they make a post, write something….

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