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Priscilla Shirer || Discover the Power of Believers’ Boldness

Priscilla Shirer: You are living in a day and age where you’re going to have some boldness to be clear about who your saviour is. You’re going to have some spiritual fiber, some spiritual fortitude, you’re going to have some spiritual meat on your bones in order to stand up and be unashamed about the good news of Jesus Christ, to use your influence, to use your social media platform.
If you are in your 20s, the Lord has given you unmitigated influence in a way that previous generations did not have and it’s going to take some boldness and some courage to be willing to stand alone, separate from many in your peer who will refuse to have integrity and who will not cave under the pressure of the culture to stand up without shame and say there is only one name by which men and women can be saved and that is the name of Jesus Christ.

You’re going to have to be bold, the holy spirit is going to have to give you some courage, you’re going to have to be fortified because it will not be at times politically correct, it will not be popular, you will not receive the applause, you will be unfollowed but you have to be like Paul and say “it is by grace that I have been saved” and I am constrain, the love of God constrains me, he’s done too much, he saved me from too much, he’s redeemed me too radically for me to add to or take away from this good news, this gospel that has saved my soul.. it’s Christ Alone.

It doesn’t matter how clever the culture becomes with adding to and trying to morph a new set of ideas and ideals and philosophies, we have to be clear on who our saviour is.
The means of the Gospel is actually quite narrow  but the scope of the Gospel is very broad, it is for everyone from every sphere of life, not to some but to all, not to one Nation, not to one political party, not to one race, not to one religious sector but to every breathing human being, the salvation of our God through Jesus Christ has been extended.

Do you know the great lengths that God has gone through to win you? Do you know what a miracle it is that after where we’ve been and what we’ve done, after the rebellious heart that we had, the times that we turned our back on God, the times he came looking for us and we kept diverting his advances toward us, the fact that we’re sitting in this room tonight in relationship with him, do you know what he did to woo you to himself?
Even when you wanted to run, the hound of Heaven would not let you go and I mean if we had time to tell the story, if we had time for me to just take this little microphone off and start right here on the front row and just go down one by one all throughout this room, all the way into the furthest region of this sanctuary, time would not allow us enough opportunity to tell the stories of how we were far away from him but he came and he found us and he loved us and he called us to himself. And this love story between you and him, you do know it did not just start at the time of your birth, it started before the foundation of the world, that he already had you on his mind and he was already looking and watching and waiting for the opportunity when he knew in his sovereignty and omniscience said he was going to have to redeem humanity to himself.

I want you to think about this, I want you to think about what a miracle it is that you were born. I’m talking about physically born in this day, in this age, in this generation, in that body, in that skin color, with that hair texture, with those facial features, with your personality, it is not by chance, you are not a surprise to God, your parents may have been surprised, God was not. He was not in the heavens saying “oops that one slipped past me”, nope. He planned for you which is the reason why you can be confident in who you are, in that skin, with that hair texture, in that body, is because you have been fearfully and wonderfully made with that personality, with the way your mind is wired and the creativity that you have or don’t have. You don’t have time to be comparing yourself with her and what she has and what she can do, God made you as you for a reason.

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