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Priscilla Shirer || Why We Need Peace And Grace.

Priscilla Shirer: I can’t imagine anything we need more right now than peace and grace. And we don’t need it in measures that we can provide for ourselves, we need it in divine proportions that only God himself can pour out upon us, peace. Peace is the capacity and the potential for calm in the midst of chaos, peace is an internal anchor of stability in the midst of unhindered instability that swells all around you, peace is the capacity to remain steady when everything around us is completely unsteady, peace in the midst of a storm.
There is a storm if you have not noticed that is raging around us and it doesn’t matter what your personal concerns may or may not be right now in this particular moment, we want to tell you though, if you personally are not going through a storm, we just want to tell you how happy we are for you. But for the vast majority of us who are in this room, we are in one of three places, we’re either right smack dab in the middle of a storm or on our way into a storm or on our way out of one because it’s the nature of the life in which we live.

 Jesus himself said it in John 16, he said “in this world, you will have trouble.”
You don’t have to go looking for storms, just keep living, the storm is eventually going to come and find you in one way or another.
All of us collectively have been in a storm because we have not just been through and still going through one pandemic, there have been layers of pandemics upon pandemics. There’s been a medical one, yes but there has also been a political one, there’s been a racial one, layers of pandemic upon pandemic and in order for us not to succumb to anxiety and fear or cave to hopelessness and despair, the only way a jadeline can come before us and say I’ve lost this person and that person I have suffered this difficulty and this difficulty but I could still come up with a smile on my face and still serve the people of God and still serve the house of God and not succumb to bitterness or resentment or skepticism about the goodness of God, is if there is an anchor in her soul. The peace of God anchors you in your soul, it’s a supernatural peace that he multiplies to you and Peter says I want to remind you that if you have received the same kind of faith as ours, then you can know that, that kind of anchoring peace is going to be multiplied to you. Jesus said in John 14, “my peace I leave with you, I give it to you, not as the world gives it”,  because they give it sparingly and they give it temporarily with condition but not this peace that I give.

This is the kind of peace, Philippian 4:7 that passes all understanding.

You know these kind of people, it’s the friend that you have or the person that you work with and she’s your girl, you know what she’s going through, she’s filled you in on the trouble that she had and the struggle that she’s going through and the call she just got from her kids school or the tragedy that has just happened or the financial struggle that she’s been under, you’ve been privy to all that information and yet she keeps getting up every day, she keeps showing up, she still has a sense of calm, she still has a bit of a smile on her face, she’s not ignoring her reality, she is not denial, she’s very aware of it and she needs to deal with it but at the same time, she’s able to stay steadfast, unmoved, this is a supernatural kind of peace, it’s a peace that makes you go because it passes all understanding.

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