Bishop David Oyedepo


Heaven’s agenda is a relay race, it passes from one generation to another, so for it to keep passing, we must play well when it reaches our turn.

The king of glory is coming, and we are expected to be running our race very well whilst awaiting the coming of the Lord.

Our earnest expectation should be for us to keep growing in Christ till Christ comes.

Our God is a rewarder and promoter of every faithful and fruitful Steward, so doing nothing in the kingdom holds no value, and adds no value to anybody, start doing something with your life, because our God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Nothing in this world can be compare to serving God in spirit and in truth, because service to God has so much reward attached to it.

The king is coming, and before Jesus ascended into heaven, he commanded us to occupy till he comes, we should stay on duty in the vineyard till he comes.

For us to be able to partake in the reward, we must be found on duty.

We donot know the week Jesus will come, we donot know the day or hour he is coming, but Blessed is that man or servant that will be found on duty when Jesus comes.

Christianity will be an adventure of frustration without actively engaging in adding value and expanding the kingdom of God. What makes our journey beautiful is our pursuit in making sure that the kingdom of God is expanded, and that is why Jesus instructed us to occupy till he comes, and we can only occupy if we do everything possible to see that the gospel and the kingdom of God is spread and expanded in every nations of the Earth.

The king is coming, and we must get set for his coming.

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