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APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN || The Character Of A True Revival.

The character of a true revival by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Many people desires to see territories change, many desires to see awakenings in the spirit, they want to see a high awakening of the move of the spirit across territories, they want to have a territorial allowance for the activity of the spirit to find expression in the lives of people, and the bible made us to understand that there is a possibility for it to happen, because in scripture, there were moments of modern history and church history, where God came to breath upon a people, to breath upon individuals.

The character of true revival is that it always starts as a personal revival, before it becomes territorial.

No revival start as a territorial, it will always start as a personal revival .

When you read the book of Judges, and follow closely the story of Gideon, you will see that God desires to step in and bring an awakening over people to grant them the grace and strength to defeat the midianite, but he started the structure of that move with a young man called Gideon, and at the end of God’s dealing with Gideon, territorial revival took place in Israel, through a man called Gideon.

Territorial revival are product of person revival. The first key that controls the experience of personal revival is the power of brokenness.

Brokenness is a state of realization and acknowledgement of our limitations and inadequacy outside of the help of God. It is an attempt to come to state of realization and consciousness of our limitations, so when you come to a point where you are conscious of the fact that unassisted by the grace and mercy of God, there are heights you cannot attain, there are levels of expectations from God that you cannot meet then, you are broken.

There is a kind of man that God cannot avoid, when God finds a man that is broken and contrite in heart and spirit, he cannot ignore such a man.

Several persons will tell you that they are trying to find God, some will give you a wrong impression that God is far, whereby there is a kind of man God will see, and he cannot ignore, because he is more than one who is prayerful, more than one who is a church goer, more than one that studies the bible.

No matter the spiritual activity you are involved in, if brokenness is absent, forget about intimacy with God.

In the dealings of God with men, God will always pick the most unlikely, because there is brokenness in the most unlikely person.

Kneeling down and crying is not brokenness, brokenness makes you have the thinking that you are nothing without Christ.

You cannot experience God if you are not a man that is sincerely broken.

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