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APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN ||How To Change Your Condition.

Why many people are not able to seek help by Apostle Joshua Selman.

We rise in this kingdom on the strength of the light we have access to, it takes more than a sincere desire to rise in this kingdom.

God designs this kingdom to function in a way or manner that it will be the presence of light that will guarantee our rising according to Isaiah 60:1, so if you light does not come, no rising will take place.

One thing that is constant in life is change, anything can change at anytime, everything you see, so far as it is visible, it can change, so don’t allow the things you see around you, the situation you find yourself to affect your faith, because there is possiblity with God that anything visible can change, visible is not only limited to objects, it also involves conditions and ugly situation, so any condition, provided that it is manifested in this realm, it can change.

The question you should ask, should not be whether your life can turn around, whether your condition can change, but for you to find out the condition in which change can take place, and that condition is Faith.

Poverty can become prosperity, a sick person can become a healthy person, a jobless person can be employed within a short period of time, under a certain condition which is faith.

The condition that midwives miracle is faith, the condition that midwifes supernatural breakthrough is faith, the condition that midwives your healthy living is faith.

You pain can change, your sadness can change, because they are temporary, and so far as faith is on ground, change is inevitable.

Many people are not able to seek help or release their faith, because they feels that when they admit the current state of their life, it is a sign of lack of faith.

Faith has the ability to change your life, only if you exercise it.

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