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Apostle Joshua Selman || 4 Major Ways By Which God Visits His People.

Apostle Joshua Selman: What are the major channels by which God visits His people?

  1. Through His Wisdom.

His wisdom as the word is taught like you are hearing now, there is a visitation of God’s wisdom. Christ appears unto you as the wisdom of God. His wisdom as the word is taught, His wisdom is revealed.
 Wisdom constructs your understanding, it guides your decision.
 You see, the excellency of wisdom is seen in the quality of decisions that you take. If your decisions are frail, if your decisions are weak, if your decisions do not produce superior results, it is because you are bankrupt of the wisdom of God. The excellency of wisdom is seen in the quality and the superiority of decisions that are taken and the results that follow.

2. His Power.

When God brings solutions, they are beyond scientific even though they can be scientific, they are beyond philosophical even though they can be philosophical. God’s primary way of bringing solutions to people is through the supernatural, His power.
So, it is possible that you came with an infirmity and minutes after now that infirmity leaves you. See, medicine will be able to confirm that is gone, that devil is gone and gone forever. You see that now? Yes! But that the technology by which that result came even though can be explained by science, is through the power of God and there are mysteries.. Ladies and gentlemen, when it has to do with the business of the power of God, there is a portion of it that is given to the saints to understand but there are certain aspects of God’s power, the Bible says “there is no searching of His understanding”. There is a level as far as the administration of God’s power is concerned, the Bible says just as you do not know the way of the wind or how bones are formed in the womb of her who is with child, there is an aspect science can explain, logic can explain, philosophy can explain, intellect can explain, but there is a dimension beyond which the only thing you say is ‘to God be the glory”. This one is only God that knows how He did it like the testimony that you’ll be talking about after this service. There is an aspect of it that you will tell people one + one, I know how it became two, I know how it became four, from there I can’t explain. All I know is that there was an answer equal to whatever God said.

Science teaches us that one plus one is two but you see one plus one plus God equals to the answer He puts there. It can be three, it can be ten, it can be one million, the moment you bring God into an occasion, He’s in control of the answer that He puts there.
God’s equation for you, a tenant plus bankruptcy can equal a landlord. An equation that does not make sense. Every time results don’t make sense, there is a factor there you are not seeing, the moment God is introduced, He disrupts logic, it goes beyond the realm of reasoning. So don’t start calculating it, you may not see wind tonight, you may not see rain but don’t ask how the valley is filled with water. This is God for you!

 If I were asked to lead the Nation of Israel out of Egypt, I probably would gather certain engineers and say what do we do now? Let’s be able to measure the depth of the water because the first assignment will be to successfully path the sea, the second assignment is to find a way of looking for sand to build that gap, that depth that has been created but not when it’s God. Everything can happen overnight like you are seated here now and God is waking someone somewhere… In the name of Jesus Christ, I’m not motivating you, I’m prophesying to you. That you are seated here and the God that I serve, waking someone and bringing to remembrance, put putting you in the hearts of men.

3. Encounter.

Like i said earlier. He comes revealing His wisdom, He comes revealing His power, He brings you encounters.
Do you know ladies and gentlemen that you can be seated here while you are looking at me, the spirit of Grace will come and pick you to a dimension like He took Ezekiel and you will no longer be in this service and you are somewhere with the king of glory and He’s showing you things, bringing direction, all of a sudden everybody disappears in this room and it is only you and audience of one and His Majesty speaking to you, bringing perspective to your life, showing you what has been happening in your family that “this thing happened”, you don’t need to be a prophet. Blessed is the man that God causes to approach Him the moment He opens the vistas of encounter, with them will come explanations, solutions and conviction.

4. The Prophetic.

The prophetic is a potent channel. Every time men cried onto God, He came down using the prophetic “I have heard the cry of my people” Exodus chapter 3, by reason of their task masters, He says “and I have come down”. We never saw Him physically but we saw a mysterious stamara called Moses who encountered the God of the Bible and he literally singlehandedly went to Egypt, the center of wizardry and brought over 2 point something million people out with only a rod and no assistance whatsoever.
The prophetic is powerful, when men are in trouble, every time men got into trouble whether self-inflicted or caused by darkness, God will send a prophet. A prophet here does not mean a prophetic office. There are three levels to the prophetic, there is the office of a prophet manifesting the prophetic, there is the gift of prophecy but there is the operation of the prophetic.
The operation of the prophet is not limited to individuals inclined to the prophetic. Maturity brings every believer to a state where you can operate in the prophetic. This is very important.

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