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Apostle Joshua Selman || Guidance And Direction In Fulfilment Of Destiny

Apostle Joshua Selman: I hope you know that speed is useless without direction. Anybody who fires on all four cylinders on the road is usually someone who has been able to have a clear direction. Every time you are confused, perhaps you are trying to look for a house and you are not sure which is which, the first thing that suffers is your speed. You have to slow down until you assertain the house you are getting to. Only a foolish person will be speeding in confusion. There is a relationship between speed and direction.
So when the devil wants to mark your life at a moment, he brings an atmosphere of confusion around your life and with that confusion your speed is impeded and I taught you that the unit of destiny is time. Whatever takes dominion over your time has taken a major portion of your life and destiny.
This is why God comes with guidance and direction.
 I hope you know that when God speaks, the power to make what He says comes with it too? It is only men who speak and yet don’t have the power to back what they say. If God tells you go left, the power to take you to go left comes with His word ”son of man stand up upon your feet”
 Ezekiel 2:1 and I will speak unto you.  He gave him an instruction but the man did not have the power to comply.
Verse 2, says and the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me and set me upon my feet and I heard.

 Hebrews 10:7  says “lo, I come in the volume of the book, it is written of me to do your will.”

God is not scratching His head, you will hear me say ‘wondering what to make out of your life”, you are not the only one He created, out of the 8 billion people on earth, I can tell you everybody has a destiny in Christ, it is only a wicked God who will bring you to the scene and leave you to keep roaming around freelancing your idea about what to make about your life. There are many people here, you may not be sick but you need to sort this issue of confusion and destiny.
They wake up in the morning absolutely nothing driving their life. They sit today and say I’m having something for ministry, tomorrow I’m having something for business, um next tomorrow well I don’t know and they live their lives just getting old with no mark upon the earth.

Tonight should be that night you get angry and say “Lord I am tired of escorting men while making constructive progress towards destiny. What did you create me for? I can’t be here to waste time celebrating birthdays with no vision, celebrating birthdays with no direction. My confusion started at 13, now I am 45 still confused.” Guidance and direction!
There are literally people right now confused, nobody is getting blessed because of your life, no one is eating because you are alive, no one is serving Jesus because you alive, you didn’t build any school, you didn’t build any organization, you are not even…you are nothing at all.
Wake up in the morning, it’s night let’s go to bed.
Wake up in the morning again, it’s night let’s go to bed
Social media 5 minutes turning to 5 hours, what is trending now by evening I’m hungry. You go and eat, you don’t have money because you are not visionary, you beg.
In any case, life just goes. If you are God, will you design such a life for an individual?

Every spirit of the waster, wasting your time, wasting your life, this may not be for everybody but from the depth of my spirit, I’m prophesying to someone who has been wasting the gift of life, wasting the gift of time admiring those who are making a mark in destiny, I pray for you, among the many things that will rest on you tonight, a clear direction of your purpose and destiny. Amen.
Jesus is very as a revelation of God is very unapologetic about His hatred for unfruitfulness.
Two stories in the Bible demonstrate the pain that God feels every time we’re unfruitful. The first was the story of the fig tree. It was not a parable, He came and He saw a fig tree having green leaves but never produce figs and He cursed it. He said “let no fruit grow on henceforth forever.”
 Second story was a story of the parable of the talents, He gave one five talents, He gave one two talents, He gave the other one talent. You would think He would be satisfied, after all out of three, there was two over three success. If I were Him, I would be happy at least two people did well but He focus on the one person as if all the rest failed. That’s how an unapologetic God is as far as unproductivity and fruitfulness is concerned.

Make up your mind from this night that I must live a fruitful and a meaningful life.
Every trouble you are there..
Trouble to others you are there..
But blessing and affecting people, you are not there.
 Christmas is coming by next month, where people are looking for gifts to bless all those who God used to bless them, they forget you. Even your neighbors don’t remember you because there is nothing about your life counting. You watch people buy cows, they buy gifts and they telling people thank you. Yet, you are the neighbor and nobody can say thank you.
 “I had you praying and it inspired me to pray. It was you that brought order to my life”.
In the name of Jesus, I pray again whatever is wasting your days, whatever is wasting your time that you are just existing but not living, I’m praying that this night in this place, may you find a clear direction to purpose.

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