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Ways our prater Attracts demons by Apostle Joshua Selman.

There are people who went up to the mountain, but came back with ordinances that was not from God. There are people who sincerely summit themselves to days and weeks of fasting, and came back with spiritual template from the realm of the spirit, but not by the holy ghost.

When Jesus went to the wilderness to pray for forty days and nights, after he was done, the first person he met was no other person other than Satan, prayer is expected to drive the devil away, but he was standing firm waiting for Jesus and that means, when you give yourself to prayer, you are not only attracting angels, you are also attracting demons, because the prayer of the saints are like incense that rise.

If you summit yourself to the ministry of prayer alone, you will get yourself in danger. Prayer is not everything, it has it’s own ministry, but many people have shut down every other provision that makes for growth of the saints, and they have immense themselves in the bit to access power, so the only thing they know or do is prayer, and it has come with all kinds of errors.

There are so many things today that have polluted the sanctity of altar of the body of Christ today, it did not come by the ministry of the wicked men, it came by sincere people who donot understand the full scope of the training, so they choose or dwell on one aspect of the training and leave the rest, and by neglecting the other ones, the devil will cash in on their sincerity and reveal things to them, that have become a destruction to themselves.

I know people who prays until they had mental disorder, and while they were mad, they also prayed in tongues, making it looks like a mockery to God.

Prayer will expose you to all kinds of spirit, so you must be well guilded on the ministry of prayer.

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