Apostle Joshua Selman


How to carry the presence of God by Apostle Joshua Selman.

There is a relationship between sacrifice and the presence of God. When your life becomes a sacrifice, then you are actually hosting the presence of God.

The presence and the fire of God will not fall on anything until there is a a sacrifice, a sacrifice of your time, a sacrifice of your life, a sacrifice of your body, and so many other sacrifice.

If you want to carry the presence of God, you must become a sacrifice, your entire life must become a sacrifice, so not just your hand or your head, but your entire life.

There is nothing of value that is free or cheap. The majestic presence of God, the miracle presence of God is not free, and can only be accessible through sacrifice. The burden lifting presence of God will not rest upon you untill your life becomes a sacrifice.

The sacrifice of your time, the sacrifice of your life, the sacrifice of your resources and every other thing will host the presence of God into your life.

Your love for God, your sacrifice to see the kingdom of God comes will prompt the presence of God into your life.

You need to come to a point where everything you have belongs to God.

More than solving our problem, more than the benefits we get from God , our desire should always be what to do to maintain the presence of God.

God’s presence only comes into a life of a man that has offered himself a living sacrifice to God.

A man who value the presence of God or a man of sacrifice can give up anything for God.

Remain blessed.

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